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AK FOODS is a leading regional food company in New Zealand. We manufacture, package, distribute, market and sell a wide range of food products including bread, milk, cheese, chicken, flour, cooking oils, spreads, baking ingredients, ice cream, and snacks.

What does AK Food do?

All our products are dairy-free, so pretty much everyone can enjoy

Everything AK Foods make is free from dairy, eggs, meat, and GE but bursting with love

Perfect for the vegans or vegetarians in your life

Designed for maximum enjoyment and minimum intolerance

NZ-made, for healthier eaters everywhere

Making it easier to cut back on dairy every day

Cooked up in Aotearoa New Zealand and inspired by kindness to nature

Food that tastes great and makes you feel great too

Tasty alternatives to the foods we all love

Using the goodness of peas, sunflowers, coconut and corn instead of dairy, eggs, or meat

Making it easy to replace the familiar and delicious

Deliciousness without the dairy

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